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Family Law
April 25, 2010, 4:30 pm
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Family Law: Family Law has become a misnomer it is not about family or even law, law is routinely ignored in family proceedings to achieve outcomes that bear no relation to facts or real circumstances, family law has become an abusive PC environment where criminals acts even by the professionals are ignored or even rewarded and the devastation visited upon families and children is immense in both public and private law. This can even amount to state kidnapping! I would see the law and fairness be re-established into family law where the interests of children and families becomes a fact not a PC manta, Family Law currently is an abomination  done in secret with no systems of accountability costing the tax payer billions with others services to the extent of the total amount paid in council tax across the UK.

I would promote things like and as alternatives to costly disputes in family law and to assist Childrens Services