Paul Randle-Jolliffe:- Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight …………………… May 6th 2010 General Election

Questions From members of Diversi-TIES
April 26, 2010, 2:40 pm
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Questions From members of Isle of Wight Facebook group Diversi-TIES. No barriers to disability.

Alan Davies, founder member.

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  • What does the candidate think should be done to make sure that voting is properly accessible to all disabled people?
  • I would change the entire voting system so that postal and poling stations are just one of a number of options to vote and would add being able to vote online as well as organised transport for those that are disabled but more than this…

    Democracy must be inclusive and I do not believe that one vote every few years is enough for anyone so if elected I would enable citizens forums which would be groups of upto 10 or so people to be able to nominate one person as a deputy to carry the forums message or view or to to 10’s deputies forums which would engage the whole island, this would ensure everyones voice is heard and we all participate in democracy.

    This I would call the fourms of 10’s, 100’s,  1000’s and 10,000’s with a council of 100+ deputies who would work with the MP and 12 MPs cabinate members.

    This would mean 1 person from each ten engages with 9 others from each of 10 10’s forums representing 100 people and each of these would nominate ten 100’s forums would nominate one to a forum of ten representing 10 100’s forums representing 1000 people etc.

    A new type of democratic process

  • As an MP, what would you do to make sure that you make yourself available to your disabled constituents?
  • I would hold more regular private surgeries around the island and public open ones as a part of the engagements with the forums

    Disability poverty

  • Disabled people are twice as likely to live in poverty as non-disabled people. Does the candidate think that there should be a disability poverty strategy to help change this?
  • Disability in one area should not mean total exclusion

    I would institute a COMMUNITY SKILLS & MENTORING EXCHANGE capturing their skills on a large data base and , in the first instance to join in a sharing venture offering at least one hour of voluntary service using their particular skill or service. The one hour is proposed as a new form of IOW currency , say called an “IOW NEEDLE”. Examples of services rendered can include advice on tax returns, gardening, shopping errands, guidance on completing job applications, language tuition, needlework, car maintenance , mastery of new IT technologies, cooking, multi-level marketing of products, mentoring of small business, book-keeping advice, etc, etc. Experience of similar Exchanges in Canada, Australia and South Africa has seen vibrant communities of part-time entrepreneurs emerge as well as the promotion of valuable voluntary services. I would also like to see a School of Business and Entrepreneurs established on the Island in partnership with Chamber and Business People.

    The idea is that we start working as a community where every one can contribute and everyone can benefit including the disabled many of who have a valuable contribution to make.

    With a core policy for the island of a 20% top rate of Tax and a £12,000 threshold as a part of the Isle of Wight Economic and Social Act It would enable those on any benefit to work paid or unpaid for any amount of time but only loose 50p of benefit for each pound earned this would enable people to have incentive and be able to transition from benefit to work even if only for some partially and get out of the benefit traps as well as saving public funds in addition we are sitting on rich veins of untapped experience, skills, energy and potential that need to be mined this includes the disabled and retired.

    Social care and health service

  • What would the candidate do to improve the social care system for disabled people?
  • As a part of the Isle of Wight Economic and Social Act it would enable tax holidays for those that give to those in need such as social and health services both public and private. In any case I support the NCVO Manifesto see enclosed


  • What is the candidate going to do to ensure that shops and services in the local area are made fully accessible to everyone?
  • I think we have waited to long for this to happen, obviously a combination of 1 a data base of where places and services are not accessable via the forums and the COMMUNITY SKILLS & MENTORING EXCHANGE could enable this to be addressed.

  • What is the candidate going to do to ensure that all local transport in the area is accessible to everyone?
  • I have a policy of enabling community mini bus services

  • How accessible does the candidate think this constituency is for disabled people, and what would you do to help make things more accessible?
  • I think there are many places where even vital things are not accessable and would like to see us have the Island becomes of place of Disability Acesss and Service Excellence, think of the tourism benefits!

    Education & Employment

  • As an MP, what would you do to ensure local employers and local schools and colleges are listening to the needs of disabled poeple?
  • As before the forums and  COMMUNITY SKILLS & MENTORING EXCHANGE
  • What would you do as an MP to help more disabled people into work?
  • As above with the forums and  COMMUNITY SKILLS & MENTORING EXCHANGE and Isle of Wight Economic and Social Act there is no reason we cannot have Enabled Entrepreneurs (Diabled And Non Disabled Entrepreneurs) who also employ others, including those who are disabled, the whole vision is to enable all of us to set each other free.