Paul Randle-Jolliffe:- Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight …………………… May 6th 2010 General Election

April 25, 2010, 4:48 pm

We are sitting on two rich veins of untapped experience, skills, energy and potential that need to be mined…. the senior pensioner population and the unemployed especially the young. I would institute a:

COMMUNITY SKILLS & MENTORING EXCHANGE capturing their skills on a large data base and , in the first instance to join in a sharing venture offering at least one hour of voluntary service using their particular skill or service. The one hour is proposed as a new form of IOW currency , say called an “IOW NEEDLE”. Examples of services rendered can include advice on tax returns, gardening, shopping errands, guidance on completing job applications, language tuition, needlework, car maintenance , mastery of new IT technologies, cooking, multi-level marketing of products, mentoring of small business, book-keeping advice, etc, etc. Experience of similar Exchanges in Canada, Australia and South Africa has seen vibrant communities of part-time entrepreneurs emerge as well as the promotion of valuable voluntary services. I would also like to see a School of Business and Entrepreneurs established on the Island in partnership with Chamber and Business People.