Paul Randle-Jolliffe:- Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight …………………… May 6th 2010 General Election

Business: See questions below from the Isle of Wight Chamber
April 25, 2010, 4:48 pm
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Business: See questions below from the Isle of Wight Chamber

Responses to  IW Chamber of Commerce Tourism and Industry Questions

1)      What is your position on Labour’s proposed NICs increase?

The Government Tax system has become like a clip joint and this is just another attempt to clip the nation I would not agree to an increase in NIC but a complete overhaul of the tax system. It is fundamentally wrong to increase NIC in the current climate in one of the highest taxed countries.

2) British business wants and needs a super-fast broadband infrastructure. How do you believe that it should be funded?

I would phase in a top rate of tax of 20% to encourage investment starting with reducing tax to 20% on and including key industries like wideband and super-fast broadband and to enable Open Plan Local Access Networks OPLAN (  that are  community owned to create a digital business infrastructure and economy. With countries like China putting fibre to every new home and business, the UK is more like a third world nation in comparison. Broadband & Telecoms is an area I am very familiar with and having worked with Malcom Matson founder of COLT (the 1st Private Telecoms Company in the UK)  and OPLAN. I find BT and Gov policy on this very short sighted. A community like the Island can enable this itself very easily and be a model for others I am sure Malcolm would help as he is familiar with the Island’s potential and I have done a detailed study for implementation.

3) What should an incoming government do to improve business access to finance?

I would phase in a top rate of tax of 20% for business and  employees and create locally owned investment and micro-finance banks starting with the Island through an Isle of Wight Economic and Social Act so we can model this for the UK this would enable investment on a massive scale as we would become tax attractive Globally.

4) How would you tackle unemployment?

With a 20% top rate of Tax as a part of the Isle of Wight Economic and Social Act I would enable those on any benefit to work paid or unpaid for any amount of time but only loose 50p of benefit for each pound earned this would enable people to have incentive and be able to transition from benefit to work and get out of the benefit traps as well as saving public funds in addition we are sitting on two rich veins of untapped experience, skills, energy and potential that need to be mined…. the senior pensioner population and the unemployed especially the young. I would institute a COMMUNITY SKILLS & MENTORING EXCHANGE capturing their skills on a large data base and , in the first instance to join in a sharing venture offering at least one hour of voluntary service using their particular skill or service. The one hour is proposed as a new form of IOW currency , say called an “IOW NEEDLE”. Examples of services rendered can include advice on tax returns, gardening, shopping errands, guidance on completing job applications, language tuition, needlework, car maintenance , mastery of new IT technologies, cooking, multi-level marketing of products, mentoring of small business, book-keeping advice, etc, etc. Experience of similar Exchanges in Canada, Australia and South Africa has seen vibrant communities of part-time entrepreneurs emerge as well as the promotion of valuable voluntary services. I would also like to see a School of Business and Entrepreneurs established on the Island in partnership with Chamber and Business People.

We need to enable a desire to work and contribute because it benefits everyone.

5) What would be your policy towards delivering a clear and credible plan to return the UK budget to balance and put the UK’s AAA credit rating beyond doubt?

I would follow the previously used Canadian model where public spending was cut by 60% with only 25% loss jobs and service but the economy resurfaced in an incredibly short time this sounds drastic but it works and Canada can provide the working model. Canada and its banking system came off relatively unscathed from the financial crisis I wonder why?

6) Do you think that public sector pensions need to be overhauled? And if so, how would you address this issue?

Public sector pensions should be completely overhauled so that the public sector and private sector are linked by enabling Public Sector Employees to choose where their pension pot goes, especially into the local economy including via say the locally owned investment and micro-finance banks and for this pot to be contributions and earnings from the pot based and not disproportionate compared the private sector. The Public Sector Pensions systems should be transparent and not a nebulous part of Gov finances that can be tapped into without proper systems and rewards.

7) What is your position on increasing tax to 50% on Britain’s top earners?

You should not squeeze the neck of the goose that lays the eggs, they will tend to fly away. The 20% tax I propose would be for all. We should encourage all to be higher earners and high earners would be encouraged to enable this by creating a community awards  system that values those that contribute their income and wealth to the betterment of others through either good wages or contributing to the community in other ways. I would also propose tax holidays for up to 10% for those that directy contribute say twice or more of the amount of the holiday amount (EG Tax Holiday on 5% for contributing 10%) into the local economic, public and voluntary sectors where the needs are, to promote giving back and tangible service to the community. This would create a spirit of partnership and encouragement to do well and contribute like being part of a family and village.