Paul Randle-Jolliffe:- Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight …………………… May 6th 2010 General Election

April 25, 2010, 4:48 pm
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Benefits: I would enable those on any benefit to work paid or unpaid for any amount of time but only loose 50p of benefit for each pound earned this would enable people to have incentive and be able to transition from benefit to work and get out of the benefit traps as well as saving public funds.

Housing Benefits should be paid monthly like rents.

In addition we are sitting on two rich veins of untapped experience, skills, energy and potential that need to be mined…. the senior pensioner population and the unemployed especially the young. I would institute a COMMUNITY SKILLS & MENTORING EXCHANGE capturing their skills on a large data base and , in the first instance to join in a sharing venture offering at least one hour of voluntary service using their particular skill or service. The one hour is proposed as a new form of IOW currency , say called an “IOW NEEDLE”. Examples of services rendered can include advice on tax returns, gardening, shopping errands, guidance on completing job applications, language tuition, needlework, car maintenance , mastery of new IT technologies, cooking, multi-level marketing of products, mentoring of small business, book-keeping advice, etc, etc. Experience of similar Exchanges in Canada, Australia and South Africa has seen vibrant communities of part-time entrepreneurs emerge as well as the promotion of valuable voluntary services. I would also like to see a School of Business and Entrepreneurs established on the Island in partnership with Chamber and Business People.