Paul Randle-Jolliffe:- Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight …………………… May 6th 2010 General Election

Who is, Why Vote for and Priorities of Paul
April 26, 2010, 5:06 pm
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Who is Paul Randle-Jolliffe?

An Islander (going back 15+ generations), 49,  Island born and grew up and educated in Ryde before Architectural Collage in London and 7+ years in international finance and projects, 1990’s owned one of the 1st PC shops on IOW and then project manger in telecoms and broadband infrastructure development. Past five years investigating various social, political, economic and legal issues: locally, nationally and internationally seeking best practice and services that work, Chairman regional branch of a national domestic violence and family charity helping people through crisis. Recently retiring as a founding Steward of the IOW LINks. Non Denominational Christian minister of small community fellowship and setting up The Island Foundation.

Why should Islanders vote for Paul Randle-Jolliffe?

I am an Islander who loves the Island I understand its history and culture it’s a part of me as I am a part of it, the good side and the difficulties, I have seen what the world has to offer as I have been off Island for ten years in the 80’s and lived in a big city and travelled. I cross social and cultural barriers with ease having grown up in tourism with people coming to the Island from all over the world but knowing I would like may young Islanders have to leave the 1st in my family to do so I have seen so many spheres of life I believe I have a unique perspective to offer by natural and adopted Islanders that is considerate of all our passions and needs for this lovely Island.

What are Paul Randle-Jolliffe’s priorities?

To maintain the intrinsic character of the Island whilst ensuring its peoples needs including old and young us in the middle are met fully and to regain much of what has been lost so we become a place of opportunity and excellence for all.

To develop a vision and plan for the Island and to present this as an Isle of Wight Economic and Social Act private members bill on behalf of the whole Island to Parliament that will enable the Island to be administered by us as a special economic zone.

For this to include a flat 20% tax for both local residents employed here and businesses, with a £12,000 tax threshold for all and the establishment an economic and social development and investment bank to fund community and locally owned social and business enterprises including a third ferry service, tidal energy and a digital wideband infrastructure, micro finance small business and including the establishment of a digital and technical university and a school of entrepreneurs these would create investment and employment with opportunities for all especially for our young and care for our retired.

And for this to include the LA and other public services like police, health etc be accountable locally and not entirely run from the mainland.

To see the retired treated with dignity respect and care where their needs are really met and as an incredible untapped resource that can add so much wisdom, experience and life to our Island and its future we are ignoring such wealth all around us.

To do this under a platform of “POLICIES and PEOPLE NOT POLITICS” and an Island wide collaborative process of Information, Innovation, Application and Transformation in Partnership.  Starting with an MP’s Commission for the Island an MP’s cabinate with people from various sectors with an advisory body of wisdom and experience to work with new and to be established local elected democratic forums to involve the whole Island, a new way of doing democracy!

I will be asking all the other candidates if they will step down and work with me during and after the election along with others from across the island.


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If only! I agree with you totally. Most people are too scared to put their name to anything and would rather just moan about the disgusting way most of us are treated by people who just care about themselves and are money orientated.
They would soon take notice if we ALL refused to pay our council tax! United we stand. But due to people being too afraid to DO something….divided we fall and will remain so!

Comment by JudyBarnes

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