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Say anthing and we take your baby!
March 29, 2010, 12:57 am
Filed under: Criminality

I had this email from a West County County Councilor who was threatened by a council employee!

“My council achieved Excellent Status in 2003 for exceeding Adoption Targets and they were actively targetting mothers on social housing estates and using questionable MSBP accusations against these women. they sent them out of county to an assessment centre that followed Prof Meadows’ thinking and which always sided against the mums. this cost … thousands of £’s per week of council Tax payers money. Now ******** has been slated by OFSTED for Safeguarding in general and has huge budgetry pressures resulting from this mismanagement. I am livid as all I had from senior officers and certain colleagues when I tried to raise it with them was bullying and sidelining. I am very tempted to speak out in the press about what I have endured, including being threatened by a manager when I was pregnant that I might lose my baby if I carried on making enquiries as a councillor. It stinks! I know of a number of women who have lost their kids through this type of practice. Adoption targets should not be exploited like this. They shoulld be a means of speeding up the process when there is genuine need to adopt so kids don’t languish in foster homes and get moved over and over again.”